Coy G. Koehler is a college graduate from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography. Coy has been shooting for 10 years. His expertise consists of headshots, fashion, editorial, portraiture, fine art, nature, and stills for movie and television. Along with his creative undertakings in photography, he also is a painter, poet, and actor. He resides in the greater Los Angeles area.

See. Oh! Why?

Coy Koehler was born and raised in Marshfield, Wisconsin, a small town in the center of the state. After high school, he went to the University of Wisconsin Center/ Wood Co. for two years and then transferred to University of Wisconsin/ Eau Claire. There he studied all arts ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography…and also, some lessons in life.

Coy withdrew from college a couple of times as well as being suspended and put on probation. In these times of continual adolescence and awaking, he saved money and worked on putting himself through school, along with continual support from his parents, as a taxi cab driver, factory worker, and gas station attendant. During the “college” years, Coy had experienced, learned, and grew by living within a dissident nature and atmosphere, but still socially apt to contain extensive conversations and open philosophies with professors and doctors to penny prostitutes and the homeless.

Obviously, Mr. Koehler, was a considerate and observant free spirit as well as a visionary artist who enveloped his art of the world he sought so profound. He would take long walks, long road trips, and long hard looks with his camera. In time, Coy had graduated with well over his college minimum requirement, due in part to his interests in acting, psychology, and philosophy. He had earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on photography.

Soon after his graduation, he worked two jobs. One was as a substitute teacher and the other was as an assembly line worker. After a year of saving money and living back with his parents, Constance and Garry Koehler, he hit the road.

Coy took an extensive road trip of two months. During these months, he shot and shot all the way from Wisconsin to Arkansas to Los Angeles. Coy stayed with caring friends as well as in his truck. His adventures were none the less very much elusive as were his college years. After a couple months and winding up completely broke in Los Angeles, he stayed with a long time friend in his kitchen.

Currently, Coy G. Koehler is the owner of Co. Y? Photography since 2002. When Coy isn’t taking headshots, on modeling shoots, or shooting a live band, he is writing poetry, painting, acting, or thinking…if he has time.

So now, you can see…oh! Why?